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Inspections (Safety, Building, Code, and Fire)
The standard safety inspection process must be complete before opening a business. Upon completion of all approved safety inspections, the business owner will receive a Certificate of Occupancy. For more information, please call the Building Department at (954) 597-3420.

Visit ePermits to schedule a building inspection or call (954) 597-3420 before 3:00 pm the day before your inspection. Please note that you will be required to have your pin number/phone access code available to schedule your inspections using the IVR system.

To coordinate the inspection time with an inspector on the day of the scheduled inspection, please call before 8 am:

Structural (954) 597-3454
Electrical (954) 597-3442
Plumbing (954) 597-3441
Mechanical (954) 597-3440

Residents are required to have an annual fire inspection for a residential business as mandated by the City Code of Ordinances. To schedule a fire inspection call (954) 597-3800.

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