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What is the City Commission?

(954) 597-3460
City Hall/7525 N.W. 88th Avenue

The five-member City Commission includes four Commissioners, elected by their respective districts and a Mayor elected citywide. The Commission is responsible for setting policy, adopting the annual budget, formulating goals and objectives, and making decisions that affect the quality of life in the community. They appoint a City Manager who oversees the day-to-day operations of the City, while at the same time carrying out the Commission initiatives and directives. The Commission also appoints a City Attorney to represent Tamarac in legal matters. Commission Meetings are held the second (evening, 7:00 pm) and fourth (morning, 9:00 am) Wednesday of each month in the Commission Chambers at Tamarac City Hall. Commission Workshops are held the Monday preceding each Commission Meeting in Room 105 at Tamarac City Hall, beginning at 9:30 am. Commission meetings and workshops are open to the public. Click here to watch commission meetings and workshops streamed live, locate which commission district you live in or to access your Commissioner's email address.

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