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Yard Waste Disposal
In single family residences, regular trash is picked up twice per week, with bulk trash and recycling picked up weekly curbside. To find out a specific pickup date, please contact Waste Management at (954) 974-7500 or check the collection map.

Weekly bulk trash is limited to no more than 3 cubic yards (1 cubic yard approximately equals the size of one dishwasher). Loose material (e.g. tree trimmings) must be tied and bundled (not more than 40 lbs. and not more than 4 feet long). For bulk waste that will exceed 3 cubic yards and/or will not be properly bundled, residents must call Waste Management first to make special arrangements or the bulk waste may not be collected. Commercially generated waste (e.g. debris generated by landscaping services, roofing contractors, etc.) will not be collected by Waste Management and is the responsibility of the homeowner. Proper disposal of waste generated by a contractor generally should be provided by the contractor. Waste and recycling containers should be stored out of view of public right-of-way.

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1. Yard Waste Disposal