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A-Z guide to resident services; choose from the following categories to find the answers to your questions.  
Street Lights

To report a light that is out call FPL Customer Service (954) 797-5000 or visit www.fpl.com. It may take 14-21 days for FPL to repair a reported street light. Tamarac Public Works inspects all City public street lights monthly. Click here to report if a street light that is out. 

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1. Schools
2. Senior Program
3. Sharps (Needle) Disposal
4. Sidewalks
5. Signs
6. Skate Park
7. Smoke Detectors
8. Social Services
9. Social Security Office
10. Solicitation, Door-to-Door
11. Special Events
12. Sports Complex
13. Sports Leagues
14. Sprinklers, Reporting Violations
15. Stormwater Utility Management Fee
16. Street Lights
17. Street Repair
18. Substance Abuse
19. Summer Camp
20. Supervisor of Elections, Broward County