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Police Department

Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO) Tamarac provides comprehensive law enforcement services for Tamarac residents. The Tamarac District Office is located next to City Hall at 7515 N.W. 88th Avenue and is open Monday-Friday 8:00am-8:00pm . For non-emergency law enforcement needs, please call (954) 765-4321. For any threatening emergency call 911 from any phone, including cell phones without service, as long as the phone is charged. 911 calls are free from any pay phone. The 911 operators will ask many questions, because experience has shown that the first 60 seconds of every 911 call are the most critical. Operators need to determine the exact location of the emergency, the nature of the situation, whether anyone is injured and of what elements a responding officer should be aware. A deputy armed with this information can react quickly and accurately and minimize the chance that further damage will occur, or that innocent bystanders will be hurt. BSO - Tamarac offers residents in its jurisdiction a free “Vacation Home Check” program. Deputies will drive by unoccupied residences and perform a daily perimeter check for signs of break-in or suspicious activity. To sign up call (954) 720-2225 and request a vacation home check form. Residents may sign up for the "R U OK?" program. They will receive daily computer generated phone calls from BSO - Tamarac checking to see if they are OK. If the repeated calls are not answered, an officer will be sent to the residence to check on the well-being of the resident. Keep in mind, if you sign up for this service you cannot have an answering machine or voicemail, since the system cannot distinguish between a person picking up a phone and a voicemail/answering machine recording. If you need information about a ticket or traffic citation, don't call the Broward Sheriff's Office or the police agency that issued it. Once the ticket is issued, it becomes part of the court process and is handled by Broward County's Clerk of the Courts. (See Traffic Citations). (Also see Concealed Handgun Permit, Restraining Order). To find out more information, visit BSO's website; under Law Enforcement tab select BSO District Offices and click on Tamarac:


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