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A-Z guide to resident services; choose from the following categories to find the answers to your questions.  
Home Improvements / Renovations / Appliance Replacements
For some common home improvement projects or appliance replacements/installations you will have to obtain a permit. Examples include: Kitchen Cabinets; Air Conditioning Unit; Water Heater; Exterior Doors; Sinks; Toilets and Burglar Alarms.

To find a complete list of items that require permits or inspections visit ePermits or call the Building Department at (954) 597-3420.

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1. Handicapped Parking/ Permit
2. Health Department (Broward County)
3. Hedges
4. Historical Society
5. Home Improvements / Renovations / Appliance Replacements
6. Home Occupations or Businesses
7. Homestead Exemption
8. Hospitals
9. Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
10. Housing Assistance
11. Humane Society
12. Hurricane Information