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A-Z guide to resident services; choose from the following categories to find the answers to your questions.  
City Publications
Tam-A-Gram, our City's newsmagazine, reports on City news and events, as well as City-related programs. It is produced and mailed quarterly to each household in Tamarac.

Issues can also be picked up at City Hall, the Tamarac Community Center, the Tamarac Library, Caporella Aquatic Center or online. Although Tam-A-Gram cannot be shipped to our residents out of town, you can call the Public Information Office at (954) 597-3510 to find out if you can get copies of the issues you may have missed.

Tam-A-Gram does not sell ads. To recommend a story, you may contact the Public Information Office at (954) 597-3510. Typically, only City-related stories are printed.

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1. Cable TV
2. Calendar of Events
3. Canal Maintenance
4. Cars
5. CERT – Citizen Emergency Response Team
6. Chamber of Commerce
7. Child Car Seat
8. Children's Services (Broward County)
9. City Commission
10. City Hall
11. City Projects
12. City Publications
13. Citizenship/Immigration
14. CodeRED
15. Code of Ordinances
16. Code Violations
17. Commission Meetings and Workshops
18. Community Development
19. Concealed Handgun Permit
20. Consumer Affairs
21. COPs, Citizen Observer Patrol (BSO - Tamarac)
22. Courthouses (Broward County Clerk of Courts)