Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Tamarac Parks, Recreation, and Social Services Master Plan

Tamarac’s demographics have continued to shift as the city continues to attract both young families and different cultures. This shift demands that the City continue to evaluate the services provided in order to ensure that programs are available that meet the needs of all. At the same time as the City reaches build-out there is less land available for parks, recreational facilities, nature areas and other open spaces. To address the changes in the community, to plan for the future, and in continuance of the City’s vision, mission and values, the City contracted with AECom Technical Services, Inc., for a Parks, Recreation, and Social Services Master Plan (Master Plan).

The Master Plan serves as a tool to ensure we are maximizing the use of our facilities, community centers and parks. Additionally, the Master Plan provides future direction in regard to open space, recreation and park planning, aligning with Strategic Goal #1, Inclusive Community, by ensuring that we plan for the diverse facilities and programs required by our residents. The Master Plan provides a comprehensive analysis of existing resources and those necessary to meet the future needs of the City.

To prepare for the future diversity and growth of the City we will continue to work with the Mayor and Commission and the community as we consider the Master Plan recommendations which include both improvements to existing parks and seeking potential opportunities for new development.

The Tamarac Parks, Recreation, and Social Services Master Plan was adopted by the Tamarac City Commission on May 13, 2015.