Backflow Testing Cross-Connection Control Program

A program designed for the protection of drinking water consumers through proper Backflow and Cross-Connection Control; under Chapter 22, article VII of the Code of the City of Tamarac, Florida. The Public Services Department will monitor all backflow assemblies in the city for annual testing and will track the results via a digital system.

The Process

Two months prior to the inspection due date, a letter will be mailed to the owner informing him/her of the requirement of recertification by a certain date; If no response is received that the Backflow assembly has passed an inspection by the due date, the customer will be contacted again by Public Services staff and asked to comply; if no action is taken, the water service can be shut-off, until the customer is in compliance.


A $45.00 fee will be charged yearly on the water bill account (Per Backflow Unit) for participating in the program maintenance.

Contact Information:
Maricela Jimenez
Backflow Technician
Phone: (954)-597-3766
Fax: (954) 597-3760