Tamarac University


"I thought I loved this city before; I am now in awe! I have enjoyed and learned so much about Tamarac, which makes me feel proud to live here.”


Will you be there?

Get a behind-the-scenes look at your City and how it operates at Tamarac University (TU), a nine (9) week interactive program held twice each year, in the Spring and Fall.

TU provides the opportunity to visit City facilities and learn from elected officials, department directors, and other City staff about the role of local government and public service. It serves as a training ground for volunteers and provides networking opportunities for civic-minded residents.

The application process begins in the Spring and Fall of each year, and is advertised in the Tam-A-Gram as well on the City's website. 

Due to the worldwide pandemic, Tamarac University has been postponed until further notice.