Directory of City Departments and Divisions

City's Main Number(954) 597-3500
ADA Coordinator(954) 597-3613Email
Citizen Hotline 
(Activated During Emergencies)
(954) 718-1800
Building Department(954) 597-3420Email
City Clerk's Office(954) 597-3505Email
City Commission's Office(954) 597-3460Email
City Manager's Office(954) 597-3510Email
   Public Information Office (Media)(954) 597-3518Email
Community Development(954) 597-3530Email
   Code Compliance(954) 597-3425Email
   Business Revenue(954) 597-3537Email
Financial Services(954) 597-3550Email
   Purchasing(954) 597-3570Email
   Customer Service(954) 597-3590Email
Fire Rescue (Non-Emergency)(954) 597-3800Email
Human Resources(954) 597-3600Email
   Job Line(954) 597-3615Email
   Risk Management(954) 597-3613Email
Information Technology(954) 597-3900Email
Parks and Recreation(954) 597-3620Email
   Community Center(954) 597-3620Email
   Caporella Aquatic Complex(954) 597-3660Email
   Caporella Fitness Center(954) 597-3661Email
   Social Services(954) 597-3642Email
   Transit/Shuttle Bus(954) 597-3649Email
Police/BSO Tamarac District 
(954) 720-2225
Public Services(954) 597-3700Email
   Engineering(954) 597-3737Email
   Recycling and Trash Hotline(954) 597-3740Email
   Utilities (leaks, breaks, etc.)
   After Hours Call Water Treatment Plant
   (5 pm - 7 am Mon. - Fri. and Weekends)
(954) 597-3750

   Water Treatment Plant(954) 597-3775