The Recruitment Process

After successful submission of an official City of Tamarac Employment Application, applicants will receive an acknowledgment, indicating receipt of their application. Acknowledgement is not an indication of eligibility or that an interview will be granted. Applicants who change their contact information during the course of the recruitment are responsible to inform the Human Resources Department of their new contact information.

  • Applications will first be screened to determine eligibility. The City will attempt to include as many eligible candidates in the selection process as possible. However, depending on the number of applications received, it may not be possible to grant interviews to all eligible applicants. Applicants with the most experience and training, relative to the position being recruited, will be given the preference of an interview, which will be coordinated by a representative of the Human Resources Department.
  • The City utilizes a structured panel interview process. If it is determined to be appropriate for the position, a skills assessment may also be administered. Candidates will be notified in advance if a skills assessment will be administered. Following interviews and/or testing, a recommendation for hire will be made by the hiring department.
  • Candidates recommended for hire will undergo a thorough background and reference investigation, which will commence after the candidate has signed a Waiver of Confidential Information. Candidates recommended for certain City positions will be subjected to fingerprinting for a national criminal background check. A separate Waiver will be required.
  • Upon completion of a favorable background and reference investigation, a Conditional Offer of Employment will be made, contingent upon the results of appropriate Post-offer medical screening.

Grounds for Disqualification

If it is determined that an applicant’s application contains false or misleading information or that the application does not comply with the disclosure requirements, the candidate will be disqualified at this phase of the process.

Post Offer Screening

Candidates for all City positions will undergo a post-offer medical screening. A drug screening will also be administered to applicants of positions that meet the criteria for post-offer drug screening. Upon receipt of favorable results of all post offer screening, the employment offer will be confirmed.

Probationary Period

New Firefighters will serve a 1 year Probationary Period. All other new employees will serve a 6-month Probationary Period. Department Director positions are discretionary.