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Multi Modal Transportation Connectivity Master Plan

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Impact Fees

Impact Fee rates effective Tuesday, April 7, 2020 (extended to January 7, 2021)

DISCLAIMER: The fees generated by the impact fee calculator are approximate, and based solely on the project information entered in the following fields. This calculator was designed solely for the purpose of estimating fees for residential and commercial development. You are encouraged to use this tool only as a means to estimate the approximate amount of fees that may be due for your project, however, bear in mind that there are many factors that may affect the total assessment. Dollar amounts derived from this module shall not override the fees calculated by City staff.

For information regarding the applicability of potential credits for your project, installment payments or conducting an individual assessment of the fees associated with your development, contact the Community Development Department at 954-597-3530 to obtain a copy of the Impact Fee Credit Agreement, Fair Share Fee Agreement or Individual Assessment of Impact Fees Petition templates.2040 Comprehensive Plan