Community Risk Reduction

About the Community Risk Reduction

The Community Risk Reduction Division plays a critical role in providing for the safety of our residents by ensuring the needed fire protection features are inspected and tested in all multi-family and commercial buildings.

Community Risk Reduction starts during pre-construction with a building’s site design, proper construction classification, and planning for fire hydrant placement, automatic fire suppression systems, and all other life safety systems. Certain occupancy types and processes may require additional life safety provisions. Once the protection level is established, safety inspections are conducted at least annually to ensure continued compliance with the fire and life safety code requirements.

The lasting impact of this comprehensive program includes a reduced fire incident rate, reduced fire severity, increased safety for the community and firefighters, and the preservation of our environment.

Inspection Details & Regulations

Broward County Code mandates that each municipality conduct fire inspections at all businesses and multifamily residential occupancies within its jurisdiction at least annually. Tamarac City Code of Ordinances and Florida State Statute 633.081(1) provides for relief through the recovery of incurred costs for the mandated annual fire inspections.

A typical inspection includes the initial life safety inspection both inside and outside of each location, processing the required documentation, data collection for emergency planning and performing re-inspections when violations are identified. Fees are calculated based on square footage, fire protection systems present, and the number of dwelling units in each multifamily residential building.

Studies by the National Fire Protection Association have shown one of the most effective preventive measures to eliminate or reduce fire loss and damage is to have an annual fire inspection program.

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