Business Tax Receipt (BTR)

The business revenue staff of the City of Tamarac welcomes you into the business community of Tamarac. Please review the Tamarac Business Guide for additional information surrounding licensing procedures and requirements.

Purpose of the City Business Codes

  • To issue business tax receipts to all persons, professions, trades, shops, occupations, or business classifications conducting business in zones with applicable zoning uses
  • In general, to provide the very best service to you and to ensure the continual economic growth within the business community.


Fee Schedule

Important Reminders

  • Each business tax receipt for your business is required to be renewed separately.
  • Each business tax receipt has its own PIN number. The PIN number and corresponding business tax receipt number are required to renew online. The numbers are located on the left side of your business tax renewal notice.
  • If there are any changes to your business, please contact our office at 954-597-3537 or 954-597-3530 before renewing your business revenue receipt.