Boards & Committees

Boards, Committees & Commissions:

The City of Tamarac offers a variety of ways for interested community residents to volunteer and potentially serve on a number of advisory boards and committees. To view agendas and minutes from and of the boards, committees or commission listed below, visit

If you are interested in applying to be a member of any of the boards, committees or commissions below, please submit and application. APPLICATION

Affordable Housing Committee

Charter Board (convenes every six years)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Board
Members will make recommendations to the city commission on diversity and equity strategies that strengthen connections among diverse community groups and with the city government, and advise on initiatives that will promote appreciation, acceptance, and respect for cultural and ability differences. The board will make recommendations to the city commission, on ways to work with public and private stakeholders in the city to increase understanding of the diverse groups that make up the city.

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board 
Members make recommendations concerning recreational needs for the entire City, as well as recommendations about existing and proposed parks and recreation programs.

Planning Board
Members are responsible for advising and making recommendations to the City Commission regarding land development matters. Persons possessing experience or interest in the following areas shall receive special consideration: architecture or landscape architecture, environmental science, real estate, urban planning, engineering or neighborhood, condominium, or homeowners’ association activist.

Public Art Committee
Members make recommendations to the City Commission on revisions to the public art guidelines, master plan, art, and artist selection.  A member would have experience in the following disciplines: landscape architecture, urban planning, engineering, or related design discipline, professional artist, citizen knowledgeable in the field of public art, education, or community affairs, and a representative from the development community.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Commission on the Status of Women
The RBG Commission shall be dedicated to identifying and resolving economic, health and wellness, social, and all other issues concerning women's lives through education and advocacy in the City of Tamarac. Members serve in an advisory capacity by making studies, reports, and recommendations to the city commission and to the city manager; to make recommendations with respect to all matters pertaining to the status of women within the City of Tamarac, including, but not limited to, the fair and equal treatment of women, ensuring that policies and practices are in place which does not discriminate against women, whether practice by the government, individuals, or corporations. To review the working and living conditions of women, focus on the health and wellness of women, the delivery of public and private services to women, and the education and training for women and public accommodations afforded to women.

Sister Cities Committee
Members shall research and report to the City Commission on matters related to Sister City programs or relationships. The Committee members will be committed to exploring relationships with Sister Cities International member cities located in Caribbean countries, Latin America, Europe, and Israel as per Resolution R-2019-98.  

Tamarac Interagency Committee to End Homelessness

Veterans Affairs Committee

Firefighters Pension Board of Trustees

Police Pension Board of Trustees

Residency Requirements (Article Iii - Division 1. Generally - Section 2-56.2)

Each member of a board, committee, or commission of the City of Tamarac shall be a resident of the city. Failure to be a resident of the city shall result in forfeiture of the position on the board, committee, or commission.

This section does not apply to staff members who have been appointed to a board, committee, or commission as part of their work responsibilities. The city commission may waive the requirements of this section (with the exception of the Veteran’s Affairs Committee).

Note: Meeting dates, times, and locations are subject to change.