Boards & Committees

Boards, Committees & Commissions

The City of Tamarac offers a variety of ways for interested community residents to volunteer to potentially serve on a number of advisory boards and committees. From Public Art to Parks and Recreation, there are a variety of Boards and Committees. You may apply to be a member of General Boards and Committees, Public Art Committee or Fire and Police Pension Boards.

Residency Requirements (Article Iii - Division 1. Generally - Section 2-56.2)

Each member of a board, committee, or commission of the City of Tamarac shall be a resident of the city. Failure to be a resident of the city shall result in forfeiture of the position on the board, committee, or commission.

This section does not apply to staff members who have been appointed to a board, committee, or commission as part of their work responsibilities. The city commission may waive the requirements of this section (with the exception of the Veteran’s Affairs Committee).

Note: Meeting dates, times, and locations are subject to change.