Watch by Screen Mirroring or Casting

Screen Mirroring from your Tablet or Phone to your TV via Android TV

Screen mirroring, also known as screen casting or screen sharing, allows a smartphone, tablet or computer to project the content currently displayed on your smartphone, tablet or computer screen wirelessly to your TV. With it, you can effortlessly enjoy photos, videos, apps and more on a large TV screen!

How it works

Screen mirroring requires two components: a screen-sending device (i.e. your smartphone, tablet or computer) and a screen-receiving device (i.e. your Smart TV, Apple TV or Chromecast).

The screen-sending device utilizes a screen mirroring service or software. There are a number of screen mirroring services, including Apple AirPlay on Apple iPhones and iPads, and Google Cast on Chromecast or Chromebooks.

Screen mirroring also requires a receiver. The receiver is the destination for the content you are trying to display. There are hardware receivers, such as Apple TV, Google Chromecast and many others.

To use screen mirroring, follow the instructions provided for your screen-sending device and screen-receiving device. Typically, this will involve first opening Tamarac TV ( in a web browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer, and then using the screen-sending service (i.e. Apple AirPlay or Google Cast) to send (or show) the web browser on your screen-receiving device (i.e. your Smart TV, Apple TV or Google Chromecast).