Neighborhood Partnership Program

The Neighborhood Partnership and Beautification Recognition Programs (NPBRP) aim to meet community needs, boost neighborhood vibrancy, elevate the visual appeal of the city's districts, and enhance livability. These programs promote ongoing dialogue with citizens, bolster neighborhood and homeowner associations, develop neighborhood partnership agreements, and foster a sense of community spirit.

City of Tamarac Community Montage

This effort underscores our commitment to maintaining the cleanliness and visual attractiveness of our community.

Since 2023, 4 grants awarded:

  • District 1 – Lakes of Carriage Hills - $4,999 for 30-WATT LED lights for 12 dwelling buildings
  • District 2 - Fairhaven II - $3,077 for additional landscaping at the clubhouse, flower beds, mulch and ground cover.  
  • District 3 – Prestige Commons - $4,999 for planting shrubs on their perimeter wall with neighboring community Spring Villas that were destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017.
  • District 4 – Holly Court at Woodmont - $4999 for new landscaping at the front of the community.