Inspiration Way

Be Inspired

A “Museum Without Walls,” Inspiration Way is a temporary sculpture program that promotes the appreciation of fine art, enhances outdoor spaces and enriches lives. It’s located on Nob Hill Road between Commercial Boulevard and McNab Road. 

The program seeks artwork that’s compelling to both residents and visitors - connecting neighborhoods within the City through art. Each sculpture is for sale, with 25% going into the City’s Public Art Fund. The current exhibit is on display until September 2020, when a new collection will be featured. For more information, call (954) 597-3530. 

3 Blue Spires by Gerry Newcomb

3 Blue Spires art sculptureCast Glass and Steel, $25,000

Blue Geometric by Ray Katz

Blue Geometric art sculpture

Painted Steel, $30,000

Circular Motion by Hanna Jubran

Circular Motion art sculpture

Painted Steel, $16,000

In Motion 2 by Hanna Jubran

In Motion 2 public art sculpture

Painted steel, $10,000

Kanoa and the Moth by Anna Donahue

Kanoa and the Moth art sculpture

Bronze, $39,000

Leader by Russell Whiting

Leader art sculpture

Carved Steel, $14,000

Migration by Mark Chatterly

Migration art sculpture

Concrete, $25,000

Mantra by Ray Katz

Mantra art sculpture

Painted Steel, $20,000

Quetzalcoatal’s Declination by Robert Coons

Quetzalcoatal’s Declination art sculpture

Painted Aluminum, $28,000

Red Butterfly by Luis Fernandez

Red Butterfly art sculpture

Painted Aluminum, $46,000

Triangulation by Clayton Swartz

Triangulation art sculpture

Aluminum and Enamel, $12,000