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Financial Transparency

Interactive Budget Portal 

The City of Tamarac is committed to responsible and transparent fiscal and financial management, and demonstrating strong accountability, customer oriented values, ethics, integrity, and stewardship. As part of that commitment, Tamarac has partnered with OpenGov to provide an Interactive Budget Portal. This portal enables the public to create interactive charts and graphs to view, filter and analyze the City’s financial data in a new, user-friendly format. With the Interactive Budget Portal you can conduct your own custom search, or use links such as the ones below to some of the most commonly searched data.

Interactive Budget Portal
CAFR Annual Financial Report
Budget Documents
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Common Searches 
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What are the City’s total revenues and expenses? What are the general fund
expenses by department?
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 What are the general fund revenue sources?

How have Tamarac's tax revenues changed over time?    

Examples of Actual Data Views 

Pie Graph 
Pie Graph        

Stacked Graph 
Stacked Graph