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Flood Protection Information

Things You Should Know

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has determined that the City of Tamarac has achieved a Class 6 rating in the National Flood Insurance Program's (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS). This means that NFIP policies issued or renewed for properties in the Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs) in the City of Tamarac beginning October 1, 2011 will receive a (20%) twenty percent premium discount. Only 16% of communities in Florida are Class six or better.

NOTE: Every 20 years FEMA is required to do a new FIRM Study. The process was started in 2012; the last step was the appeals process. FEMA has completed the appeals process and has issued the Letter of Final Determination. The Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and the proposed Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) have been approved. 

The effective date of the new FIRMs is  August 18, 2014.

This means that if the new maps have taken you out of a Special Flood Hazard Area you will no longer be required to have flood insurance, however it is recommended that you obtain a Preferred Risk Policy which is a low cost insurance. Or conversely, if the FIRMS bring you into a SFHA you will need to acquire flood insurance if you have any type of mortgage. 
This update was provided on October 2, 2014.

  LOMC  Revalidation


has revalidated some of the previous LOMC's. The attached link will show the Revalidated LOMC's.


Some LOMC's were not revalidated by FEMA. If you are interested in having FEMA revalidate your LOMC the following procedure was passed on to us from FEMA:
For mailing the address is:

LOMC Clearinghouse
847 S. Pickett Street
Alexandria, VA 22304

There should be 1) a cover letter requesting the re-Issuance of the original LOMC; 2) a copy of the original LOMC.

For online processing:

To request a reissuance via the Online LOMC tool, please visit the Mapping Information Platform at https://hazards.fema.gov/femaportal/onlinelomc/signin. Additional information about the online tool is available at http://www.fema.gov/online-lomc. 

Once you have initially registered and logged in to use the Online LOMC service, please select Create Amendment Application to begin. When you get to the Supporting Documents page, reference the previous case by including a cover letter and a copy of the previous determination document. If additional data is required after the request is reviewed, the analyst contact via email and the Online LOMC system.

Map Specialist
FEMA Map Information eXchange (FMIX)
(877) FEMA MAP (877-336-2627)

Copies of the existing LOMC's may be obtained from the Building Department.

The links below can help you get information for your property. The Flood Brochure has generic information about being in a Floodplain in Tamarac. The Benchmark link shows Broward County maintained benchmarks used for survey elevations. The Broward County Floodzone Search allows you to determine the current flood zone and 100 flood elevation for your property.

The FEMA and NFIP link bring you to the Federal web sites for general information.

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