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Strategic Planning


Did you ever wonder what the future holds for the City and, maybe even more important, how we’re going to get there?  There is a plan - a detailed strategic plan based on resident and business input, financial projections and demographic analysis.  This plan is not developed in a vacuum; it’s based on the five strategic goals that Tamarac adopted a number of years ago:

Inclusive Community

Healthy Financial Environment

Dynamic Organizational Culture            

Clear Communication

A Vibrant Community

With these goals in mind, each year the City reviews input received through our various communications feedback channels: community meetings, transactional surveys, customer requests and personal conversations. We also do an environmental scan which charts any changes in each area of service we provide and makes financial forecasts based on projected property values, capital improvement projects and anticipated sources of revenue. Every two years, this information is supplemented with the results of our resident and business surveys. These take a statistically significant “pulse” of our community and help narrow the scope of areas on which to focus, so as to use limited dollars as prudently as possible.


 2014-15 Strategic Plan

Strategic Goals

     2014-15 Strategic Plan.JPG
              Strategic Goals Flyer.jpg