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Strategic Planning

      What do Community Surveys; Resident Phone Calls and Emails; Neighborhood Meetings; Commission Meetings; Homeowner Association Meetings; the “Big RED Button”; and less formal one-on-one interactions between Tamarac’s elected officials, staff, and the residents and businesses of our community have in common? They are all pieces of the puzzle.

      The City of Tamarac uses the feedback we receive through all of the above, as well as other factors such as economic conditions and industry trends, to identify priorities for the next 1 – 5 years and allocate resources for these programs and projects. This process is called Strategic Planning.

      Tamarac conducts Strategic Planning yearly. It is how we plan for the future; whether that is two months from now, or twenty years. It entails saving for a rainy day and investing in our future. It allows us the flexibility to respond quickly to immediate concerns and to plan for future projects and needs.

         As a result of your most recent feedback, Tamarac’s five Strategic Goals have been updated. They are: Inclusive Community, Healthy Financial Environment, Dynamic Organizational Culture, Clear Communication, and A Vibrant Community.

      The City Commission and staff have updated the Strategic Plan to reflect the priorities of the community and the progress that has been made over the past several years in achieving our goals.

 2012 Strategic Plan

 2012 Strategic Goals


Strategic Goals Flyer.jpg