Management and Budget Services


The Management and Budget Services division administers the City’s budget development process and six-year asset management program.

Its additional responsibilities include:

  • Preparing the City's budget with two forecast years
  • Applying for and administering grants
  • Managing the following assessment programs: Fire Rescue, Solid Waste, Stormwater Management, and Nuisance Abatement

This division also supports other departments by providing the following services in support of City operations:

  • Financial planning, analysis and forecasting
  • Program evaluation
  • Management analysis

Budget Documents

FY2019 Proposed Budget

FY2018 Adopted Budget
FY2017 Adopted Budget
FY2016 Adopted Annual Budget
FY2015 Adopted Annual Budget
FY2014-2015 Adopted Biennial Budget
FY2013 Adopted Budget
FY2012-2013 Adopted Biennial Budget
FY2011 Adopted Budget
FY2010 Adopted Budget